Unit 1: My Senses


Fill in the missing words of the song.


** Island of Echoes bonus reward = 10 points and 25 gold coin. (only 1 reward per team) **


Hint:  each member of the team to do one verse each.



Touch is the feeling that I feel with my hands.

Nerve endings in my skin help my brain to understand.

When something is _____________.

When something is ____________.

When something is _____________.

When something is _____________.


Touch, taste, smell, sight, sound


Taste is the flavour that I taste with my mouth.

Taste buds on my tongue and on the roof of my mouth.

They help me taste what is _____________.

Taste what is ____________.

Taste what is ____________.

Taste what is ____________.


Touch, taste, smell, sight, sound


Smell is the scent that I sniff with my __________.

I breathe in through my ___________ and smell odour molecules.

I like the smell of roses, the smell of clean clothes.

I don't like the smell of the stuff between my ____________.

Touch, taste, smell, sight, sound


Sight is what I see when I look with my _______.

I see the things on the ground and I see things in the sky.

Light rays pass through my ________, through my __________, to my brain.

The pictures that I see are like a video game.


Touch, taste, smell, sight, sound


Sound is what I hear when I listen with my ___________.

When an object makes a noise it sends vibrations through the air.

Decibels measure the volume of a sound I hear

Or a whisper that is___________

and an aeroplane that is ________________.


Touch, taste, smell, sight, sound



The Sense of Sight


We use our sense of sight to see everything around us. The sense of sight allows us to identify size, shape, colour and movement.





The Cornea is a transparent covering that protects the eye.


The Iris is a muscle that controls the size of the pupil and the amount of light that enters your eyes.


When you look an object, light bounces off the object into your pupil. The lens focuses this light and makes an image of the object on the retina.


The retina is connected to the optic nerve. The optic nerve carries the picture from the pupil to the brain.





Can you believe your eyes?




Interesting fact


Seeing is such a big part of everyday life that it requires about half of the brain to get involved.




Online how we see game






The Sense of Hearing


We use our ears to hear sounds and noises. Sounds can be very nice like music or birds chirping. Noises are loud and unpleasant.






When we hear something, sounds enter the outer ear and travel to the eardrum.


The three small bones, the hammer, the anvil and the stirrup make sounds louder.


The hammer, stirrup and anvil pass the vibration to the cochlea which is connected to the auditory nerve.


The auditory nerve carries the sounds to the brain.




Interesting fact


The smallest bone in the body is located in the ear.



Online practice playing with sounds using a guitar, a drum and a bottle






The Sense of Taste

We use our sense of taste to taste things. We use our tongue to identify different flavours.






Taste Buds

We detect taste with taste receptor cells. There are lots of receptor cells in the taste buds. The taste buds are in our tongue. 


There are four primary taste sensations: salty, sour, sweet and bitter.





Interesting Fact


In general girls have more tastebuds than boys.



The Sense of Smell

We use our nose to smell things and to taste food. Our nose can detect more than 1000 different smells.






Smell goes into the nose through two holes called nostrils.


The nasal cavity and olfactory nerve are behind the nostrils.


The olfactory nerve carries the smell to the brain.





Interesting Fact


Taste is about 75% smell.



The Sense of Touch

We feel things with our sense of touch. Our skin is the organ of the sense of touch. We use our touch to feel textures and temperatures. We use our sense of touch to feel if something is smooth, rough, hot or cold.





Nerve Endings

Nerve sensors in our skin identify the texture and temperature of objects. This information travels through our nerves to the brain.




Interesting Fact


You skin is the biggest organ your body has.