Unit 12 History


What is History?


The present is now.


The past is what happened at an earlier time.


The future is time that has not yet happened.




A timeline is a line that shows time and the order in which events happened.




Prehistory and History


Prehistory is the time beofre the invention of writing.


History is the time after the invention of writing.


History can be divided into three parts:


Ancient    Mediaeval    Modern


Historical Sources


Primary Historical Sources are documents or objects from a particular part of history. These can be:


Diaries, newspapers, letters etc.


Buildings, weapons, clothing etc.


Songs, poetry,  paintings etc.



Secondary Historical Sources are based on primary sources. These can be:


Books, articles, biographies etc.



The History of Transport








The Wheel


The oldest wheel discovered is over 5000 years old.







The first boats were used in Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.





Hot Air Balloons


Hot air balloons were invented by the Montgolfier brothers.







The steamboat was invented by Jophn Fitch.





The Bicycle


The bicycle was invented by Baron von Drais.





The Car


The car was invented by Karl Benz.





The Aeroplane


The aeroplane was invented by Wilbur and Orville Wright.