Unit 2: Plants


Science Project


Students will be given three green bean seeds and will have to grow their own plants. They must keep an illustrated diary of their plant which the teacher will correct. More details will follow soon.


****Don't forget the four things a plant needs to grow.****



Parts of a Plant




The flower produces seeds.


The leaves absorb energy from the sun; water and minerals from the soil; and carbon dioxide from the air to make the sugars the plant needs.


The stem supports the other parts of the plant, like the leaves, flowers and fruit. The stem carries water and minerals from the roots to the leaves. It also carries sugars from the leaves to the rest of the plant.


The roots hold the plant in the soil. Roots take water and minerals from the soil. Roots are covered with tiny hairs that absorb water and minerals.



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Different Types of Plant




Botanists are plant experts. They study plants and classify them.




Some plants have long, flat leaves.



Some plants have sharp leaves.



Some plants have bright, beautiful flowers.



Some plants produce fruit we can eat.



Leaves can have different shapes.



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What do Plants Need to Live and Grow?


Plants need water to grow. Some plants need less water than others.


Plants also need air, light and minerals from the soil. Minerals help plants staty strong and healthy.



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Plant Nutrition




Green plants make the sugars they need through a process called photosynthesis.



1. Roots absorb water and minerals from the soil.


2. The water goes through the roots to the stem and leaves.


3. Green leaves absorb carbon dioxide from the air and use the energy from the sun to transform the water, minerals and carbon dioxide into sugars which help the plant grow.



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Plant Reproduction


Most plants use seeds to reproduce. Most plants use flowers to make seeds.


Angiosperms are plants that use flowers to make seeds.


Gymnosperms are plants that do not use flowers to make seeds.


All Plants have a Life Cycle




We start with a seed. The seed germinates.  A seedling begins to grow. The seedling becomes a plant and becomes pollinated by insects. New seeds grow and fall to the ground. The process starts again with the new seeds.