Unit 9 Human Habitats


Cities, Towns and Villages




Cities are large urban areas where many people live and work.




Towns are large communities with smaller populations  and a smaller extensions than a city.


We normally find villages in rural areas. They are smaller than towns or cities.


Parts of a Town or City




A neighbourhood is a part of a town or city where people live. Inside it we can find old and new buildings, squares and streets.


The Old Quarter is the oldest part of a town or city. The streets are narrow and the building are old. Often the buildings are historical.


In the new parts of a city or town the streets are wider than the old quarter. Often there are big parks or green areas. Shopping centers, offices and flats are common buildings for new parts of a city or town.


The outskirts are areas outside a city or town. Airports, hospitals, factories and recycling facilities can usually be found in the outskirts.




Organising cities, towns and villages


The Town Hall


The Town Hall is where local government officials work. The Mayor and the council make up the local government.


Public Services


The local government organises public services.


The environmental and urban services department maintain parks, zoos and swimming pools. They also take care of the water supply, rubbish collection and recycling.


The town planning and infrastructure department is responsible for roads, lights, bridges, airports buses and trains.



The social services department gives us:


Job training  /  Volunteer programmes  /  Youth clubs   / 

Help for people with special needs



The civil order and protection department gives us:


the police  /  the fire brigade  /  the emergency services



The arts and education department takes care of:


schools  /  libraries  /  public museums  /  galleries



The health services department is responsible for:


hospitals  /  health centres  /  emergency and medical services



The finance and public administration department administers:


public income and expenses



Under the City




In the street we can find buildings, traffic lights and road signs.


Under the street we can find sewer pipes, gas pipes and water pipes.